Resin Art Worshop at Camperdown Commons

Resin Art Worshop at Camperdown Commons


This is an introductory class for those who ever wanted to learn the ins and out of resin art. You will be able to see an example piece of resin art created and then be guided through different techniques for creating your own unique piece on a 50cm round board.

What you will learn-

-Safety whilst working with resin.

-The process of creating your own custom colour palette with a number of different inks, pigments and paints.   

-Hints and tips from an experienced resin artist on how to create your own piece but also how to recover from common mistakes with resin.

What you will take home –

-Notes on safety, techniques and process that will support what you learnt in class which will enable you to create your own art at home.

-Supplier list and what you need to get started.

-Your own piece of resin art mailed to you 7 days after the class to enable it enough time to cure.


Note: this class is not suitable for children or pregnant women due to the chemicals used.

Class details:

Address - Camperdown Commons is located at 31a Mallett St Camperdown, between Camperdown Park and Piddock St, just 4km from Sydney’s CBD.

Time- 6.00pm - 8.30pm approximately.


Any questions, please email Alison at


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